MBP (Must be Played)

Armada Music – Tonspiel

Certain territories only.

Since ever was music for the duo "MBP", consisting of Claudio Hoffmann and Marius Havelt, one of the most important part of their lifes. 

It didn't took them long, until they had international success. With both feet in the hard competitive Deep House scene, they are now proving their skills on various stages of Europe. Their perseverance and attention to detail paid off with releases for famous labels such as "Armada Music" or "Tonspiel". One of their greatest success was the cover of Sam Smith's "Money On My Mind" which caught attention with millions of clicks worldwide. The current remix "Butterfly" ties in with the recent success and shows what musical sophistication and potential in this duo lies.Despite all of this, there is still no end in sight, which is why more remixes for great artists and originals are in production.

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